Thursday, May 27, 2010

chunky monkey


Peace said...

WhAt A LiL' MoNkEy MaNs!!!!!!
Awwww HOW precious is HE!
Love the outfit <3<3<3

Ma Schiller & Papa Badger said...

June 12th- Happy Birthday little Ms. KiKi (Kaylee). Hard to believe that you are already one year old! Love the pictures of you in the bright knit dress, cap, and sandals outdoors in the green grass, and also of you and your brothers in the Texas bluebonnets. Your Mommy really knows how to take good pictures (as does Aunt Peace!)
And little brother Chunky Monkey - the monkey outfit was made just for Him ! I am thinking he looks like brother Jackson, except for the darker hair, with some of Cooper mixed in there too. And Daddy Jason is so proud - especially "assisting" Dr. Seeker in the delivery !!
And Jackson, your graduation pictures make you look so "grown-up" and by-the-way, that airplane that you and Mommy made
for your Pre-School project - WOW!
Such talents in the Lavender family!
Love Papa & Ma Schiller

Ma Schiller & Papa Badger said...

I was looking at the pictures again, when I checked on the messages, and Ma stands corrected (this is for Jackson): I called your custom camo fighter JET an "airplane". Well, that's a grandma for you !! You and Mommy definitely have jet designer/building skills !!
Love, Ma Schiller